Regulations Video and Screenshot Sharing.

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Regulations Video and Screenshot Sharing.

Post by Dennis » Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:39 am

*Regulations regarding video and screenshot sharing.*

In this post you can find the rules and regulations regarding this section.
It's important to follow these rules strictly in order to keep this section enjoyable for each and everyone.
* You are not to post sexual content.
Do not post sexual content in this section, our community is friendly for all ages and so must be it's content.

* You are not to post graphic content or any content that contains a violent nature.
Do not post graphic material or anything that contains violence, this includes videos that contains blood, terrorists, etc.

* You are not to post any offensive content.
Do not post any content that might be offensive for your fellow community member, this includes but is not limited to:
Racism, Racial jokes, Discrimination, Gender, Sexual orientation, Religion, Foul language.

* You are not to abuse this section.
Do not use this section to make statements towards other community members, Post content that is linked to other communities, Making fun of other people,
Do not discredit someone's work.

* Be respectful and understanding.
You may not like each and every person in the community and that is perfectly fine but at least show respect towards one another.
Do not ridicule a other person, each and everyone is allowed to be their themselves no matter what that may be.
Have respect for each others opinions, statements and beliefs. You are free to share your disliking and opinions but do this in a respectful manner and give each other constructive criticism. We have zero tolerance for purposely disrespectful behavior.

Note: Violation of these regulations will get you punished.


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