Official Gang Application Format/Requirements

These are the active WSG:RP factions.
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Official Gang Application Format/Requirements

Post by Cripski » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:33 pm

To apply for an official gang/family, your gang must:
  • -Have a minimum of 4 active founding members, none of which may have active warns.
    -You must have an established area in which your gang operates.
    -One of your members must own at least one house, or business in your gang's area.
    -You must choose a house as your gang's HQ in the gang's area.
    -You must have an active thread in the gang/family section, displaying high quality roleplay.
    -Members of your gang must have a good reputation both IG and on the Forums.
Your application must follow the following format:

Code: Select all

Gang/Family Name:
Founding Members: (At least 4)
Gang/Family HQ: (House Street and Number)
Gang/Family Location:

Gang/Family Thread:
Screenshots: (Display some of your gang/family's best RP moments.)
Why your organisation deserves Official Status: (Min. 150 words)


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