Faction Penalty Points

These are the active WSG:RP factions.
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Faction Penalty Points

Post by Cripski » Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:15 pm

A Faction Penalty Point is very similar to a warn however FPP's are given to a group rather than an individual.
These apply to both unofficial and official gangs. Official Gangs will be under much more scrutiny, as they are intended to be role models to the server, of good behaviour and roleplay.

Some of the reasons a gang/family or faction may be given an FPP are as follows:

  • Deathmatching - If part of/all of the group takes part in DM or members are regularly reported/warned for DM, the gang will recieve a penalty point. This is aimed at not only discourage 'DM-Squad' behaviour but also to ensure that official gangs carefully select their members based on their reputation as well as their RP skills. Official gangs are expected to be role models for the server and so DM will be taken very seriously.

    Breaking General Rules - If a substantial number of the gang break general server rules such as Safezones - Daylight Robbery - KOS - MG - PG etc. The gang/faction will also be given an FPP.

    Cop Baiting - Gang members who consistently bait members of LSPD, into gun fights will also earn the gang/faction a penalty point. Cop baiting not only causes an annoyance for members of the PD, but also creates a negative image of the gang and even the server in general.

Following three FPP's, gangs/factions will be suspended for two days. The gangs roleplay must cease, will only be allowed to resume following the two day period.
*Official gangs will be limited in terms of official perks for 5 days following their suspension.

Following another three FPP's the gang or faction will be forcefully disbanded. Their RP thread will be locked and archived and their roleplay must cease.


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