SA:MP Server Rules

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SA:MP Server Rules

Post by Cripski » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:58 pm

This is a list of our current SA:MP server rules. This list is liable to change at any given point.

It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated, and aware of these rules.
The administration/moderation team have the right to hand out reasonable punishments for situations not covered here, and may edit punishments as they see fit. If you disagree with any punishment given you can appeal it.

In Character

  • Killing or attacking a player without any roleplay, or IC interaction ie. Not using /me, /do etc.
    Killing or attacking a player without a valid IC reason. Valid IC reasons include, but are not restricted to the following: - The player murdered/robbed/attacked your friend - The player robbed/attacked you. INVALID REASONS: - The player said you were stupid. - A cop pulled you over for a routine traffic stop.
    All interactions with guns must be roleplayed, including removing and shooting the gun.
Revenge Killing(RK)
  • Killing another player because they previous killed you.
    You lose all memory of your death and the events leading up to it.
  • Using OOC information ICly. I.E You hear over teamspeak that cops planning to raid your illegal business, tomorrow. You ICly move all the illegal items from the premises/your cars/your inventory.
    Using IC methods of communication for OOC purposes.
  • Roleplaying the impossible such as flying, super-powers or surviving unrealistic injuries.
    Forcing a certain roleplay on another player without giving them a chance.
Non-Roleplay Behaviour
  • Acting in an unrealistic fashion/trolling.
    This includes acting in a manner that does not comply in-game such as Car Ramming without reason/RP, jumping from high areas without RPing injury/effect etc.
  • Safe-zones are areas where players cannot be robbed, or kidnapped. You must act as though there would be many members of the public/CCTV in these areas.
    You may not aim guns, or openly carry out any illegal activity in these zones. (Shouting "DRUGS FOR SALE!" etc. in a public area is included in this rule.)
    Safe-zones, such as Pizza Stacks, are active from 7am - 8pm (Server Time).
    Areas around the Police Dept. and Hospitals and Job Locations are constant safe-zones.
  • Flooding the chat with the same piece of text constantly.
    This will result in an immediate kick from the server.
Scam Limit
  • There is a scam limit of $10,000.
    A player with 5 hours or less cannot be scammed.
Killing After Robbery
  • You must not kill a player who you have robbed without a valid IC reason such as, they know your information and threaten to go to the police with it.
Daylight Robbery/Kidnapping
  • You may not kidnap, or rob anyone in a public area between 7am and 8pm.
    You may not force anyone into a car to take away from a public area/street between these times. Daylight robbery and kidnapping is still permitted if:
    It happens in a private area, such as an alley or in the country side OR if it is a premeditated kidnapping carried out by an Official Gang and is supervised by an administrator.
  • If you kidnap someone, you may not leave them outside of Los Santos without a phone/tied up/blindfolded or in any other state that prevents them from returning to the city with ease.

Out of Character

  • Transferring money or items from one account to the other.
    Bug abuse to duplicate money.
Bug Abuse
  • Abusing SAMP/server bugs to give you an advantage over other players.
    You must report any bugs to the administration staff via. Teamspeak/Forums/In-Game Reports
Server Advertisements
  • You may not advertise any other servers (SAMP/Teamspeak) on any of our servers/platforms/forums.
Harassing/Abusing Other Players
  • It is disallowed to abuse or harass other players on any of our platforms. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated and players found to be breaking this rule will be dealt with according to the situation.
Extreme Roleplay
  • This includes any kind of graphic sexual/gore/torture roleplay,
    You must be respectful of other players wishes, both parties must agree OOCly to the roleplay.
    It must take place in private, away from other players/in a place other players do not frequent.
    If at any point either party wishes to end the roleplay scenario, both parties must stop or face punishment.
AFKing In Public
  • You must not AFK in public, or during a roleplay scenario (See: Avoiding IC Consequences).
    This will result in a kick from the server
Logging to Avoid(LTA)
  • Logging off the server mid-roleplay or to avoid other IC consequences.
    I.E You have commited a crime, you log out once the cops start chasing you.
Weapon Farming
  • PD members cannot be robbed, nor can they hand out weapons gotten from the Police Department.
    This will result in the players removal from the PD.
  • Any form of hacks or third party clients that give you an advantage over other players will result in an immediate ban from the server.
    Players will also be punished for not reporting anyone using hacks.
Ban Evasion
  • Creating new accounts to avoid bans will result in an immediate ban from the server.
    Players who do not report a ban evader will also be punished.
Impersonating Members of WSG Staff
  • This will result in an immediate ban from the community. It is unacceptable to impersonate members of the staff team, on any of our servers, teamspeak or on the forums.
The first offence broken will likely result in a warn, or a kick depending on the severity of the rule broken. This is at the administration team's discretion.
You may appeal a warn after 14 days.

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Re: SA:MP Server Rules

Post by Cripski » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:07 pm

Breaking any of the above rules will result in a kick and/or jail, if it is a first offence.
Following this, it is at the admin in question's discretion to give the player a warn.
Most warns can be appealed following a 14 day time period, unless specified otherwise.


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