Los Santos Police Department: Recruitment Processes. *Read Before Applying*

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Los Santos Police Department: Recruitment Processes. *Read Before Applying*

Post by Dennis » Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:59 pm

United States Department of Justice
Pershing Square, Los Santos
Recruitment Processor
Floor two, LSPD Station.
Pershing Square, Los Santos, San Andreas
Recruitment Process

Upon submitting your application,you are to double check your apply for any faults. Due to the nature of our work, coherent use of the English language is a major factor in the process of your application. Failure to apply and respond with the adequate English, will result in your application being rejected. Applications may take up to 7 days to be processed or potentially longer, depending on the amount of applications and workloads.
Applications will be handled by the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police or a member of the recruitment team.

Should you fail to meet the requirements, or we find your application to be lacking of quality, we will deny your application, provided will be a reason why it's denied. When your application is denied there will be a time set for when you may apply again, by default it is one week.

The correct way to apply.

If you decide to fill out a application for a career with the Los Santos Police Department you will have to do the following for your application to be reviewed.
First you use the the correct format this one can be found at the Police station or you can find it on the internet. ((Forums)).
Any other format will not be accepted and will be destroyed.
((COPY and PASTE the code in the Application Format, if you do not use this code your application will be rejected)).
After you filled in your application you will hand in the format at the station or either on internet you press send.
((New Applications are to be posted in the On Hold section))
You will receive a reply within 7 days.

There are three stages of your application.

First there will be a On Hold status.
This Indicates your application is being reviewed and your background information will be checked.
As well there will be a meeting with fellow staff to discuss your application.

Second there will be a Pending Status.
This indicates your application is pending awaiting your live interview with one of the recruiters.
You will be invited to the station for a interview regarding your application, in addition a test may be required of you.

Third there will be a Approved or a Denied Status.
This indicates your official answer from the department regarding your application.
This means when Accepted you will be contacted by one of the employees and further steps will be taken with you.
When your status shows Denied it means your application is rejected and you will not be starting your career with the LSPD, a reason of why will be provided.

In case you are denied, please do not try to enter a discussion, take your feedback with dignity and improve yourself to retake the application.
Flaming, Spaming, Raging, Threats or harassment of your recruiter or on your application will prohibit you from any applications in the future.
You will be receiving the Permanently Denied status. This means you are not submit a application if you do so anyway it will result in a instant rejection of your application, this status wil remain until lifted by the Chief of Police.

As well we suggest you not to spam our office with request or questions regarding your application if you fail to do so we will instantly reject your application.


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