About the WSG:RP Script

All server related development things will be in here.
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About the WSG:RP Script

Post by Jstylezzz » Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:05 pm

Let me start off by saying this and answering a lot of questions beforehand: 'No. This is not a released script, and no, you won't get it from anyone and won't find it anywhere online either'. This is one of the #1 questions I receive from time to time, so I'll just leave this up here for general knowledge. All good? Nice! Let's continue.

I have been working on SA-MP scripts (written in PAWN) for a long time already (since 2011~ish), and always had the idea to make a nice roleplay script either for release or for private use. Before, in the long long ago, I didn't have time to finish a full sized script. Instead, I wrote modules (vehicle module, house module, all that stuff) and got a ton of experience by doing just that. The script we're using for WSG:RP is a script that I've been working on for a short time now (at the moment of writing this post), and is made to be flexible. The first version of the script (pre 2.0) has been put to rest recently, and a new 2.0 was written again from the ground up. Sooo, let's get those suggestions going! (alright not just yet.. please hold your awesome ideas a little longer until we can push a stable release version! eheh :? ) Oh and if you do have any questions (other than the one I answered above ;) ), don't hesitate to ask.

We hope you'll enjoy what WSG:RP has to offer, and we sure hope you'll enjoy all the things to come!

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