West Side Gaming: Roleplay public testing

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West Side Gaming: Roleplay public testing

Post by Jstylezzz » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:43 am

Hello everyone!

After approx. 2 months of hard work, the script has been re-done from scratch (once again). This version is more
stable and gives (in my opinion) a more authentic roleplay feel. Right now, the server is up for testing. It allows for up to 8
people at once to join at once.

IP: samp.westside-gaming.com:7778
Slots: 50

Please keep in mind that, while the server is in public beta, there are probably still bugs out there. If you happen to find one, please
do let us know by posting a bug report in the development board.

Have fun, and see you in game!


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