Server IP and mods

Information about the J97 Modpack can be found here.
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Server IP and mods

Post by Jstylezzz » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:44 pm

Hello there Minecrafters! To join this server you will need the modpack that we use on the server. The download link can be found below. All credits go to the original mod creators.
Note that this server runs on 1.7.10 at this moment. This is the version which ran all the mods in the most stable manner, once the newer minecraft versions support all of these mods, I'll be sure to upgrade. For now, just get forge 1.7.10, the recommended version (.1558). You can find it here. At the moment there are ~105 active mods, so it might take a while to load up. For more detailed instruction on how to install, check this topic.

Server IP:
Modpack: click here to download (contains required mods and config files to prevent double mapped keys. Also contains optional servers.dat to add the server in your multiplayer list. Warning: Don't copy servers.dat if you already have servers in your multiplayer list, since those will be removed in the process.)

Oh you also need a legal version of Minecraft to play on this server.


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