Minecraft servers open!

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Minecraft servers open!

Post by Jstylezzz » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:38 pm

Hey everyone!

To ease your pain waiting for WSG:RP, we finished the Minecraft preparations. You can view their specific boards here. The vanilla server is click and play, everyone is welcome. The modpack server however, requires you to download some mods in order to play. Since it's a big collection, we've made life easy for you and uploaded a zip will all mods included, as well as config files to fix some double mapped keys. More about that in this topic. More info on how to install can be found here.
Cripski wrote:Vanilla server: mc2.jstylezzz.com:6970 / mc2.westside-gaming.com:6970

J97 Modpack: mc1.jstylezzz.com:6969 / mc1.westside-gaming.com:6969
Check this post for information and requirements for this server.

More specific rules will be set in place later on, just don't be annoying, embrace the fact that the servers are not that strict and just have fun! We hope to see you in game, and enjoy!


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